Siemens iQ300 WT43H007DN torktumlare - frontmatad - fristående

Siemens iQ300 WT43H007DN torktumlare - frontmatad - fristående WT43H007DN
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  • Intelligent, durable and quiet iQdrive motor
  • With the option speedPerfect, get perfect washing results in up to 65% less time
  • Textile guard re-proofing program for gentle waterproofing of outdoor textiles
The washing machines in the iQ300 series make laundry care especially pleasant. They provide a large selection of practical programs and functions that make doing laundry fun. If you prefer to save energy and still have perfectly clean laundry, then choose ecoPerfect and reduce your energy consumption by up to 50%. And with the waterPerfect sensor-controlled, load-size detection function, you use only as much water as your laundry really needs.



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