Advantech AIM-35 - surfplatta - Win 10 IOT Enterprise - 64 GB - 8"

Advantech AIM-35 - surfplatta - Win 10 IOT Enterprise - 64 GB - 8" AIM-35AT-02307000
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  • Powerful processor with dual OS platfrom (Windows / Android)
  • Industrial-grade LCD Panel with high brightness and long MTBF
  • Equipped Gorilla Glass 3, Anti-Glare, Anti-Fingerprint, Direct Bonded Touch Panel against scratch
  • Supports glove mode and stylus with palm detection to expand usability
  • Drop, water and dust protection
  • Comprehensive communication technologies including 3G/4G, WLAN, BT, NFC, GPS and HDMI output
  • Camera module supports auto focus with LED flash
AIM-35 is an industrial-grade handheld tablet POS system for multiple applications with an advanced processor and multiple OS platform support for various software operation. To meet demands of retail and hospitality industry, AIM-35 provides long operation and support IP65-rated water and dust protection as robust tablet, but also enables various extension modules for the diversified application scenarios, such as 2D barcode scanner, to satisfy various retail and hospitality applications as well as inventory management or self-service operations that makes AIM-35 is ideal tablet POS system for the retail and hospitality market.



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