3M - skärmskydd för bärbar dator

3M - skärmskydd för bärbar dator 4Z10G95467
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  • Scratch resistant
  • Clear visibility with anti-glare
  • Residue-free removal
  • Maintains touchscreen functionality
  • Easy to apply and remove
The Anti-Glare film for ThinkPad Helix guards against scratches, smears, dust, and dirt. It provides clear visibility without obnoxious glare while maintaining touchscreen sensitivity.

Lenovo Antiglare films help to suppress light reflections indoors and outdoors. For example, lights on ceiling above or under workstations. When work calls out of the office, reflections from the sun can be very annoying. Antiglare films helps prevent unnecessary glare from the sun and even helps against reflections from windows, thus helping you to be more productive whether you work in or out of the office.



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