Bosch MUM5 HomeProfessional MUM59M55 - köksmaskin - 1000 W

Bosch MUM5 HomeProfessional MUM59M55 - köksmaskin - 1000 W MUM59M55
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  • Meets the very high cooking and baking desmands
  • Quickly processing even large amounts of up to 2.7 kg of cake mixture or 1.9 kg of yeast dough is a breeze thanks to the powerful 1,000 watt motor
  • The patisserie set with a practical accessory bag is stored in the bowl to save on space
  • Supreme versatility with profi patisserie set, multi-mixer, chopper, meat mincer, citrus press and blender jug with practical lid for transporting food and drinks
  • Plenty of comfort and a durable casing - the top-notch all-rounder with an award-winning design
  • Simple and comfortable to use with EasyArmLift, perfect combining of ingredients with 3D Planetary Mixing and simple to fill thanks to the automatic park position for the dough tools
Med oslagbart resultat och prisvinnande design möter denna kraftfulla köksmaskin professionella behov.



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