3M ARMR-200 - skyddsanordning för LCD-skärm

3M ARMR-200 - skyddsanordning för LCD-skärm 306839
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  • Durable - helps protect display from scratches and scuffs
  • Anti-reflective coating helps improve clarity and readability
  • Easy to clean - markers and fingerprints wipe away easily
  • Removable - non tacky adhesive removes easily with no residue
  • Matte surface for less slippage when writing with a stylus
  • Ultra thin - ideal for screens requiring a stylus
LCD displays are extremely fragile. Screen damage costs both time and money, from warranty costs to repair time. 3M Anti-Reflection Matte Removable Film ARMR200 helps protect LCD screens from damage and features advanced anti-reflection properties that improve viewing on LCD screens.



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