3M Ergonomic Mouse EM500GPS Small - mus - svart

3M Ergonomic Mouse EM500GPS Small - mus - svart EM500GPS
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  • Clinically proven to reduce the muscle strain and discomfort associated with carpal tunnel syndrome and repetitive stress injury
  • Vertical grip reduces pressure on the wrist's median nerve
  • Records optically for smoother, more accurate mousing
  • Optical sensor has no moving parts to wear out or to clean
  • Graphite color
  • Both USB and PS2 compatible
  • For right hand use
Vertical grip provides ergonomic benefit of keeping your hand and wrist at a neutral angle. This mouse also offers an optical sensor, USB/ PS2 plug and play compatibility and a 6.5 ft. cord for flexible use. Soft-touch painted surface for added comfort. For right-handed use only. Small size.



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