3M sekretessfilter till bärbar dator

3M sekretessfilter till bärbar dator 4Z10G95469
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  • 4-way privacy provides protection in landscape and portrait modes-360 degree protection
  • 2-way privacy filter provides protection when using the tablet in landscape mode
  • Maintains high clarity
  • Residue-free removal
  • Touchscreen functionality
  • Easy to apply and remove
The four-way privacy filter for ThinkPad Helix utilizes the 3M microlouvre privacy technology to dim the screen and block the vision of wandering eyes from four directions: above and below the tablet, and from both sides. It also guards your screen from scratches and smears. The two-way filter provides privacy from left-right while the tablet is being used in landscape mode. Unlike other generic filters in the marketplace, the Lenovo privacy filter is made specifically for Lenovo products with unique cut-outs specific to the ThinkPad Helix, making it the only product in the marketplace suitable for this tablet.



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