APC - batteri för bärbar dator - Li-Ion

APC - batteri för bärbar dator - Li-Ion LBCTS1I
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Going on a trip and need extra run-time? Need to simply replace a spent notebook battery?

You asked and APC responded. The company you know for "reliable power" and "availability" will now be the same company you can rely on for your notebook computer's battery power. Now you can power your portable computer with the same Legendary Reliability you found in APC's global, end-to-end power protection products and services, including surge suppressors, uninterruptible power supplies (UPS), power conditioning equipment, related software, and professional and consulting services for Nonstop Networking.

This battery is designed for Toshiba Satellite 220CDS, Satellite 2600 Series, Satellite 2700 Series, Satellite 4000 Series, Satellite 400CDT, Satellite 400CS, Satellite 405CS, Satellite 410CDT, Satellite 410CS, Satellite 415CS, Satellite 420CDS, Satellite 420CDT, Satellite 425CDS, Satellite 425CDT, Satellite 430CDS, Satellite 430CDT, Satellite 460CDT, Satellite Pro 220CDS, Satellite Pro 2600 Series, Satellite Pro 2700 Series, Satellite Pro 4000 Series, Satellite Pro 400CDT, Satellite Pro 400CS, Satellite Pro 405CS, Satellite Pro 410CDT, Satellite Pro 410CS, Satellite Pro 415CS, Satellite Pro 420CDS, Satellite Pro 420CDT, Satellite Pro 425CDS, Satellite Pro 425CDT, Satellite Pro 430CDS, Satellite Pro 430CDT, Satellite Pro 460CDT.



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